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Multani mitti, known as Fuller’s earth is a clay ingredient that is widely popular for its curative property for acne and blemishes.  It is rich in magnesium chloride which aids to lessen acne. You can make use of it as a toner, cleanser, and most prominently as facial pack. Today I will focus on advantages of multani mitti on face. Let us have a stare.

Top 10 Multani Mitti Benefits

multani mitti

#1. It removes dead cells from the skin and opens the pores to breathe.

#2. Improves the texture of the skin by removing acne and blemishes. It is well proficient of removing all the contaminations so that the pores are not blocked and thus prepares your face for cream application.

#3. Multani mitti along with rose water is a brilliant face mask for oily skin. Add milk and almond paste for dry skin.

#4. It cools down worse and irritated skin promptly. It works great for acne prone skin. It reduces the redness and the burning irritation. To reduce blemishes have a pack of multani mitti with turmeric, tomato juice and sandalwood. It acts as a great cleanser which enhances the face instantly.

#5. For pimple marks removal add neem paste, clove powder and camphor. Mix rose water and use it weekly to lessen those dreadful marks off your skin.

#6. It also lessens the sun tan and aids to reduce pigmentation. It can also restore your scar marks.

#7. As a scrub, it removes black heads and white heads totally!! Add this to grinded almonds and use this blend to scrub your face.

#8. Add one beaten egg and one spoon of curd and multani mitti. Blend it well and apply it on the face for 20 min to get a toned skin.

#9. You can lessen scar marks by applying carrot pulp with multani mitti and olive oil.

#10. It can reduce your pimples also. Grind some neem leaves and blend it with multani mitti to make a fine paste. Put on it for 10-15 minutes and then rinse it with cold water.

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