Major Side-effects of using Earbuds for a long time


Technology is moving in advance as the time passes, keeping us all hooked in richness and comforts with lot many unseen side effects on Health. Headphones and Ear buds are one like expertise that is being used by the early stages of population without noticing the health issues connected. I am completely aware this is present generation’s trend to use these ear buds and headphones, but do you distinguish the hidden health problems that arise with this small device? The bad effects of using ear buds or earphones are increasing regularly.

We observe several people walking everywhere with earphones and headphones, including us. Earp buds not only harm the user but also the surrounding people. This is tough to accept as true, but it’s real.

1. Loss of Hearing

Loss of hearing Due to frequent usage of ear buds

Hearing loss is one of the major side effects of using ear buds. Generally, when you use headphones or ear buds, the audio directly goes into your ears and reaches your ear drum straight. Volume beyond 90 decibels can cause hearing problem and even hearing loss sometimes. All those who use ear buds and headphones are at greater risk of loss of hearing and also hearing complications. If anybody listens at high sound that exceeds 100 decibels for at least 15 minutes, he can definitely undergoes hearing troubles. So if it is you job to use headphone or ear buds, make certain to give your ears specific rest and do not listen music in high volume for long periods of time.

2. Never Exceed Decibels Range

Never Exceed Decibels Range

Decibel is the unit to measure sound or loudness. If you pin your ears back to music at a controlled volume, then definitely you are at safe zone. Conversely, if you listen to sound at the maximum volume available you need to consider the following cautions. If you listen to your music using ear buds more than 85 decibels, you can get lasting hearing complications and hearing loss if you do up to 8 hours a day. At 88 decibels, you can acquire the same effect at just 4 hours of listening stretch. Now for the throbbing fact, you can mislay your hearing in just 15 minutes if you pay attention to 100-105 decibels.

3. Severe Ear Infections

Ear Infections

As ear buds are designed for two ears, it is pretty unavoidable that people share them. Based on the Manchester Evening News, daily usage of ear buds can increase the development of injurious bacteria, and sharing or using same ear buds might just cause the transmission of somebody else’s microorganisms to your ears. Investigation leader, Dr. Chiranjay Mukhopadhyay, recommends everybody to avoid sharing ear buds. If it cannot be helped out, clean them before using.

4. Effects your brain

Ear buds Effect brain

Ear buds and headphones generate electro-magnetic waves, recognized to be risky for the human brain. Still, there are no investigations or indications that can demonstrate this issue. But those who use ear buds, Bluetooth and headphones on a regular basis are likely to undergo these problems associated to brain. 

5. Blocks air passage

There are several enterprises which can make these devices; making guaranteed that the audio quality is clear and expedient for those who are making use of them. In order to acquire the best out of the earphones you will have to pullout these earphones straight in the ear canals and this will cause blockage of air passage. This results in ear infections, ear complications and lastly loss of hearing sometimes.

6. Ear pain

People who use ear buds frequently incline to visit the doctor with an illness of unbearable ear pain. You will sense some peculiar and diverse sounds buzzing in your ears. You also feel deadness in your ears sometimes. There are investigations which have shown that surplus use of earphones can cause numbness and severe pain in the ears.

7. Numbness in Ears

Numbness in ears

People who use ear buds or headphones maximum amount of time daily to overhear loud music has faced numbness in ears. Thus, the hearing ability get numb for some time and then derives back to usual stage. This numbness of hearing can be hazardous and gradually leads to permanent deafness.

8. Horrible Accidents

In recent times, the number of accidents has amplified with people using ear buds were tangled. Road Accidents and train accidents comprising people using earphones have amplified with a shocking rate. One cannot hear the noisy songs and music as they are becoming victims of several disastrous accidents. But several times, in order to save the lives of individuals using ear phones, other commons life ends up in vulnerability.

Tips to save your Ears while using Ear buds-

For all the individuals who got addicted to earbuds, below are the few tips which aid them to keep away from risky health threats while still adoring using their earbuds.

Save your Ears while using Ear buds
  • End using stylish small ear buds as they go into your ear canal straight. It is good to use bigger headphones.
  • Always maintain your private ear buds. Never share them, not even with your close members.
  • If your ear buds have a rubber cover or sponge cover, then change those buds at least once in a month of period.
  • Avoid playing music with big sound. Try to retain it as low as probable.
  • Lessen the usage of ear buds when you are in travel as you will upsurge the volume due to the troubling sounds around you and that ascertains harmful.
  • Try to provide rest to your ears once for every 15 minutes of time.

Be sure that the gadget improvements should make your existence enjoyable and easy but not affect your health. When you are using them properly under the limit, you can certainly get the best outcomes from the usage of earbuds and headphones. It is significant to understand the extent of usage to keep you healthy and safe.

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