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Why is there no big competitor to YouTube?

As much there is no competition for youtube but Vimeo and Dailymotion, for example, and Instagram appears to be trying to get into the market. But it’s hard to get youtube will never have a competitor as in youtube we can view from 144 p to 1080 p and that 144 p resolution it’s very useful in a poor country so that lots of people’s from poor to rich use YouTube

Moreover, Bandwidth is too expensive. If YouTube is still running it’s because it is owned by Google, who have own servers and infrastructure to not have to pay others for bandwidth. YouTube values offering is as easy and strong as is the concept of video clips that manages

Youtube easier by bringing together recent technological advances.  Before YouTube, the method of sharing video on the web was basically buffering. And it’s very painful and videos were played using only Windows Media or RealPlayer, both of which were solutions in terms of usability.

YouTube used two major technological advances into an easy to used product: the first declining cost of storage, which they used to provide centralized hosting and delivery with a web product that offered easy uploads.  The second was the advent of video on Flash, which enabled fast-start streaming video delivery using a plug-in with existing high user penetration (>80% at the time).  Building a tube site will be easy, but getting people to produce content for it and then getting even more people to come and view that content so that the content creators can even break-even will be difficult.

Youtube has been around for a very long time. It’s well established, it’s owned by a huge corporation (Google). Hundreds of millions of people use the site, and for a lot of people, this site is their main source of news, entertainment, and information.

Youtube is a borderline monopoly. There are other sites, but Youtube will never be overtaken by any of them.

Some on Youtube already have established channels; some popular, some not. Some are getting paid for their viewership, and some aren’t.

Why would these people switch to a smaller site, who most likely doesn’t pay any of their creators nearly as much as Youtube did, doesn’t have all of the same videos as Youtube, that isn’t populated by any of the popular YouTubers, and that’s the community is way smaller?

Although Youtube has been having some problems recently, if you think about it, a lot of the problems have been for creators, not the viewers. So the viewers have no reason to leave either.

The only two possible ways that I could see Youtube getting taken over would be if Youtube initiates, or if the creators all of the sudden all bail in a mass exodus.

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